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Smart Snap Modules

Thinking Ahead

The Smart SNAP expansion port allows addition of the latest sensors and smarts.

Dynamic White + Presence is the first member of our Smart SNAP family.

One per room - to give you the best dynamic and intuitive lighting experience.

Expect exciting new Smart SNAPS from SORAA and our partners.




Model Number: Helia Smart SNAP Module
Width: 21.5mm
Height: 42.5mm
Weight: 6g


Dynamic White Control: Automatic tuning of the visible light spectrum and white color temperature (2700K to 5000K) based on local sunrise/sunset times
Sensing: Tri-Sense multi-sensor array
Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy
Modular SNAP Interface: Hot-pluggable, data & power interface to bulb
Upgradeability: Over-the-Air software upgradeable
Power Consumption: <50mW
Standby Power: <0.05W
Warranty: 2 years


Intuitive Sensors

Adapt to your habits.

Presence Modes

Occupancy: automatically turns on lights when sensors detect presence, turns lights off when no presence is detected after a set time.

Vacancy: lights must be turned on manually from the Helia app, compatible accessory or wall switch. Lights will automatically turn off when no presence is detected after a set time.

Off: lights must be turned on/off with the app, accessory or wall switch.

Learned Modes

Night Light Mode: If presence is detected during sleep hours, the Helia bulb with Presence Smart SNAP will turn on at a very dim level to allow safe passage without full waking.

Vacation Mode: When set with the Helia app, rooms will ‘replay’ learned daily lighting patterns.

Sensor Sensitivity Settings

High: Default Setting: Uses tri-sensor technology to detect fine movements within range.

Low: Custom Setting: Detects major movements within range.

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